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Why is BODHI the right choice for you and your family?

Since the Skool’s beginning in 2014, through Ratlam Ahinsa Shiksha Samiti of learners we have been committed to internationalism, academic excellence, a passion for learning, and serving others. At BODHI, by inculcating ORGANIC EDUCATION,we want to assure that students nurture the joy that comes with learning. We want students to learn naturally so that they can apply what they know to solve real problems of world at large. We seek to help them understand a vast array of problem-solving strategies and skills, and to work collaboratively, fairly, and effectively with others.

Presently, we are situated at a lovely suburban campus with the state-of-the-art facilities. We are a Skool that sees our diversity and sense of community as the foundations of our focus on each child as an individual learner, of our challenging and relevant curriculum for all grades, and of our rich and engaging activities and athletics programs.

The next century is calling for compassionate, humane contributors, critical thinkers, creative innovators, and versatile and skilled communicators. The BODHI faculty and staff strive to prepare our students for the many exciting challenges that we are going to face in our collective future. BIS Ratlam seeks to inspire students to be successful in learning and life. As opportunities and challenges across the cultural, economic, environmental, and technological spectrums present themselves, BODHI is committed to empower students to be leaders, collaborators, innovators, explorers, discovers and thinkers.

We hope that a virtual tour of our skool through this website will provide you with the information you seek to decide the skool of your choice in Ratlam.If there is any clarification or further information that you require, please email or call us.

Our doors are open to you. And with you, we seek to inspire, guide, and learn with your children.

“When educating the minds of our youth we must not forget to educate their hearts” (Dalai lama)